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Discover a macro-good solution to microbeads

The Sasol SHEER AND INNOCENT family of products now has a new member: DECORNEL. When it comes to body care, your customers don’t want any compromises – they only want the best. Purity, safety, high-level performance, peace of mind – all this and more is what you’ll get with DECORNEL.

We have unlocked the potential of natural gas to provide an outstanding wax bead solution that provides constant quality for your beauty product.

With a strong focus on the preservation of natural resources, we are paving the way to a greener future – for your business too. Find out how below or simply contact us for more detailed information.

Boost your business with DECORNEL

For a high-performance scrub effect

DECORNEL covers a range of select synthetic wax beads. It is available in different sizes for your precise needs and applications. This innovative Sasol product can outperform polyethylene beads in face, hand and foot scrubs as well as toothpaste. You can also easily replace conventional beads with our synthetic wax beads without making any changes in your cosmetic formulation. Because it is derived from natural gas, DECORNEL is exceedingly pure.

By combining the latest technology, high performance and sustainability, we ensure that DECORNEL is the right choice for every aspect of your requirements.

Get the facts about DECORNEL

Perfect wax beads for your perfect product

Your DECORNEL benefits at a glance:

  • Consistent high quality for your business needs
  • Smooth results for more satisfied customers
  • Exceedingly pure raw materials for a greener image
  • Non-ionic with no impact on the pH value of your product
  • 100% hydrophobic for a better end product
  • Preservative-free, which your customers will like
  • Non-polar, white, odourless and tasteless to
    perfectly complement your product

Choose the greener option

Pure materials for pure results

The world is demanding the elimination of PE beads in cosmetic items – and we are listening. DECORNEL is one of the purest raw materials available on the market today.

Our breakthrough technology produces pure waxes independent of mineral oil resources.

These synthetic wax beads combine beauty and safety so that you and your customers can feel good – both from a cosmetic and an environmental perspective. So opt for a greener image today.

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